1. Wednesday, January 29 The Solent Fellowship Band (England)
2. Wednesday, February 26 Cambridge Citadel and Community & Family Services<br>
3. Wednesday, March 26 Mississauga Temple Band<br>
4. Wednesday, April 30 Hespeler Salvation Army Community Church<br>
5. Wednesday, May 28 Salvation Army London Public Relations<br>
6. Wednesday, June 25 Kitchener Salvation Army Family Services<br>
7. Wednesday, July 16 Albert Stewart, Melbourne, Australia<br>
8. Wednesday, July 30 Woodstock Salvation Army Band<br>
9. Wednesday, August 27 Majors Anne and Ralph Hewlett (Cambridge)<br>
10. Wednesday, September 24 Ray and Elsie Brooks & Terry and Lynn Wright (London Citadel)<br>
11. Wednesday, October 15 Gospel Brass - Hespeler<br>
12. Wednesday, October 29 Cambridge Citadel and Community & Family Services<br>
13. Wednesday, November 26 Mississauga Temple Band<br>
14. Monday, December 17 Grace Sison, The Philippines<br>

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Recorded: 20th of May

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